Debt Collector Harassment: How to Stop Calls after Bankruptcy

Debt Collector Harassment: How to Stop Calls after Bankruptcy

Debt Collector Harassment: How to Stop Calls after Bankruptcy

Things You Can Do To Avoid Debt Collection Calls In Arizona

When you start to fall behind on your payments, the calls will start. Your creditors will start calling as soon as your payment is late, reminding you that your payment is due and asking you when you’ll be able to pay. Simply ignoring this call will not make it stop. The calls will come multiple times per day, every day, until you pay.

If you are having financial problems, you’re likely getting a lot of these calls. You may get multiple calls a day from multiple creditors. You may get calls at home and at work, as well as letters and emails. Finally, you get tired of the calls and become overwhelmed trying to keep up with the bills, so you talk to a Gilbert bankruptcy attorney and you file for bankruptcy. An automatic stay is issued, and the calls and letters come to a complete stop. Or, at least, they should.

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What happens if you keep getting harassed by creditors after you have filed for bankruptcy or even after your bankruptcy has been discharged and you no longer legally owe the debt? Here are a few things you can do:

Reiterate Bankruptcy Status To Stop Bill Collection Harassment

Sometimes, you are still getting calls and letters from creditors because some wires have been crossed. The creditor may not have received notice about your bankruptcy filing, or it may have sent the letter before it received notice. It may just be a simple mistake that the creditor contacted you.

You can clear this up by simply reiterating your bankruptcy status. Let the creditor know that you have filed for bankruptcy, and direct them to your bankruptcy attorney in Gilbert if more information is needed.

Call Your Bankruptcy Attorney

Most creditors will stop calling once they get the reminder, but not all take the hint. If you still get calls or letters after you tell the creditors that you have filed for bankruptcy, call your bankruptcy attorney. Your attorney can contact the creditors directly or send them notice through the mail. Usually, that contact will be enough to get the creditors to stop.

Take notes during any call you have with a creditor, such as the time of the call, who you spoke with, and what they said. These notes can be used as evidence should the harassment continue and you have to take legal action.

Take Creditors to Court

It’s rare, but some creditors will still continue to harass you, even after you’ve told them about your bankruptcy filing and even after your bankruptcy attorney has contacted them. If they do this, they are breaking the law, and they are subject to criminal repercussions. You can take them to court to put an end to the behavior and to seek restitution.

Your bankruptcy attorney can guide you on how to proceed if you need to sue your creditors. Your Gilbert bankruptcy lawyer will be able to represent you in court, so you won’t have to search for additional legal representation.

When you are first struggling with debt and dealing with harassing calls and letters from your creditors, you may feel overwhelmed and powerless. You know you owe the money, and you know you can’t pay it. But that’s why bankruptcy protection exists. Not only does bankruptcy give you debt relief under the law, but it also provides protection against continued harassment from your creditors. If you have filed for bankruptcy and continue to be harassed by your creditors, know that you have options. Contact your bankruptcy lawyer to address the harassment and put an end to it.

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If you are currently struggling with your debt, call Gilbert Bankruptcy Lawyers to learn if bankruptcy is right for you. Bankruptcy can put an end to the harassment you are facing, and it can give you debt relief to help you get back on firm financial footing. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can discharge all your unsecured debts, like credit card and medical bills, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can restructure all your debts into a more affordable repayment plan. We represent individuals in both Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Call us in Gilbert today to talk with a bankruptcy lawyer about which chapter of bankruptcy would offer you the most benefit.

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