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The Staff at My AZ Lawyers is dedicated to helping Clients in Gilbert, Arizona attain their financial goals and achieve financial freedom.  Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION and become satisfied with your financial decisions instead of frustrated with debt and creditor harassment.  My AZ Lawyers will provide your bankruptcy case with individual attention and assist you through the entire process.

images (3)I knew it was time to face my debt, but with all the bankruptcy law firms out there, I didn’t know which one to choose to handle my financial mess.  I could ignore the endless phone calls from debt collectors, but I couldn’t afford to have my wages garnished.  My AZ Lawyers listened to my concerns,immediately stopped the wage garnishment, and I felt good about filing my bankruptcy. -Rose, Gilbert, AZ

images (3)Mr. McCain was very thorough. He spent so much of his time with me explaining everything I needed to do to prepare for my bankruptcy.  He was patient with my questions and I felt very comfortable discussing my financial issues with him.  -Robert, Mesa, AZ

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I needed to find a bankruptcy attorney who would do a great job, yet not charge me an insane fee.  My AZ Lawyers was able to work out an affordable payment schedule with me so that I could start on my filing right away.  -Thomas, Gilbert, AZ

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Not knowing what to do, exactly, about my debt, I called for a “free” consult.  I was surprised that I actually was able to meet with an attorney, who answered my questions, and I was happy with the treatment I received. I am super busy, and the staff worked with me around my schedule to help me file my bankruptcy.  – Mariana – Tucson, AZ

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